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Environmental Certification Readiness

Increased transparency and green credentials are needed for your sustainable building product to appeal to architects, product specifiers, procurement professionals and consumers.


Australian manufacturers are obtaining robust environmental product certifications like Green Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and Global Green Tag, and many are speeding up the pace by integrating ISO 14001 principles (Environmental Management Systems) into how they work.


Blend ESQ can reduce overwhelm, by providing a high-powered environment, health and safety, and quality (ESQ) resource to work with your product development, manufacturing, and operational team. This fast-tracks certification readiness and brings your sustainable product to market more rapidly.

Gap Analysis

Working with your team to understand the manufacturing process, we will fast-track to identify certification gaps, arming you with critical path information.

Certification Readiness

Stepping your team through a targeted improvement program; our ESQ technical knowledge and project management skills will get you certification-ready.

Certification Audit

Sometimes it feels like auditors speak another language, together we can cut through the technical jargon on audit day so you can demonstrate your sustainable product with ease.

Continuous Improvement

Certification is a commitment to continuous improvement, having a roadmap and resources to implement improvements keeps you on track and ready for the next surveillance audit.


Environmental Sustainability Plan

Blend ESQ applies a process mapping approach to quickly and expertly identify your data gaps and opportunities for environmental improvements.


Working with your team to deep dive into current processes, we bring a fresh perspective that opens up possibilities beyond compliance and into sustainable operations.


Of course, we realise that feasibility analysis and cash flow may prevent some opportunities from becoming reality right now, but first, we start with all options on the table to maximise innovation.

Tailored for You

Strong Networks, Long-Term Goals

Blend ESQ is based in the Illawarra, 1.5 hours from Sydney and 2.5 hours from Canberra. With strong networks, we are committed to ongoing partnerships across Australia.


We take the time to listen and understand your goals in order to provide tailored ESQ solutions that will enhance your business.


With a long-term, down-to-earth approach we aim to add value that you will continue to appreciate, even after our services are complete.


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