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We specialise in providing Environment, Safety, and Quality (ESQ) management support for businesses in the Illawarra and Sydney surrounds.  Our well-rounded and comprehensive consulting expertise means you can deal with one partner across all three specialties. With a long-term, down-to-earth sustainable approach to consulting, we provide value to clients beyond the project or secondment term.

Seacliff Bridge at sunrise, Blend ESQ Consulting
Certified ISO Systems, Blend ESQ Consulting
Customised Insights and Efficiencies

ISO Management Systems

Our Integrated Management Systems are customised to your business and are built to align with ISO Standards for Environment (14001), Health and Safety (45001), and Quality (9001). We also work to align your business with the UN sustainable development goals, and other emerging metrics e.g. ISO and ESG. Blend ESQ works through potential challenges to tailor solutions so that management and teams have the tools and processes they require to achieve results. Systems are designed with big picture strategy, business unit goals and day-to-day operational performance in mind, bringing ISO risk-based thinking and compliance to your daily operations.


We begin the ISO Management Systems journey with insights and planning, ensuring we engage key stakeholders, understand issues and have a clear plan of action. We work as a team to develop systems and processes that provide clear instructions that meet the needs of all relevant business functions. We then facilitate further consultation necessary to implement the new or amended processes, and to develop and deliver training where needed.

ISO First Step

Insights & Planning

The first step in our consulting journey is a discussion of what you are wanting to achieve, what you’re missing in your ESQ capabilities, and how we can best work with you to achieve your goals and vision.


Blend ESQ offers one off consulting sessions to comprehensive ESQ strategic plans and ongoing advice, ensuring your teams, managers and c-suite have the expertise and knowledge at hand to make the best decisions for the business.

ISO Second Step

Systems & Processes

With years of industry experience, Blend ESQ designs customised Integrated Management Systems to globally recognised ISO standards. We collaborate with your team to develop processes to aid workflow and delivery of company-wide outcomes.


Optimised systems and processes help managers and teams to work with greater efficiency leading to increased output, sustainable procurement and operations, improved compliance and reduced operational risk overall.

ISO Third Step

Operations & Training

From system design to implementation and user training, Blend ESQ works in collaboration with teams and stakeholders to ensure systems and processes work for both the business and employees.


We understand that even the best strategies won’t reach their potential if stakeholders and teams don’t support or understand them. With a down-to-earth approach, Blend ESQ on-boards teams so they are empowered to produce results.

Strategic Consulting

Insights & Innovations

Tap into our extensive industry experience to provide clarity and direction to your executive teams. Guided by integrated management principles, sustainable development goals and your objectives, Blend ESQ will develop and implement actionable business strategies and processes for governance and enterprise wide risk management that better serve you and your clients.


We will work with you to develop your risk profile and improve data capture and analysis processes. Giving you oversight that your business is compliant and effectively managing its corporate risks.

Robyn Johnson, Blend ESQ Director at the Wollongong University Innovation Campus
Robyn Johnson working at laptop, Blend ESQ Director at the Wollongong University Innovation Campus
Progressing Projects

Approvals, Audits, Compliance

Blend ESQ is highly motivated to help your business assess, plan and deliver large scale infrastructure, energy, mining, utility and government projects. With our consulting expertise, we can help expedite approvals, audits and compliance processes for your industrial projects. With improved environmental, sustainability, health and safety, and quality considerations, strategic planning, optimised processes and unbiased, science-driven advice, we are able to process improvements and reduce risk so that your project can be delivered with minimum fuss and maximum quality.

Tailored for You

Local Networks, Long-Term Goals

Blend ESQ is based in the Illawarra, 1.5 hours from Sydney and 2.5 hours from Canberra. With strong local networks, we are committed to ongoing partnerships in our region.


We take the time to listen and understand your goals in order to provide tailored ESQ solutions that will enhance your business or project.


With a long-term, down-to-earth approach we aim to add value that you will continue to appreciate, even after our services are complete.


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Robyn Johnson, Blend ESQ Director, Environmental Impact Assessment

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