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Getting Salty

The Wollongong Let’s Get Salty Podcast brings together community, industry, university, government and environmental leaders to get the low down on how our local area is evolving, and how we can all contribute to a sustainable future.


We’ll discuss how to get the most out of daily life, community and business and how we can all make an impact, leading the country as a local example of transformation, innovation and change.

Podcast Episodes

Why ‘Get Salty’ ? The Wollongong local government area is a beacon of industry set in a stunning natural coastal landscape. For us, getting ‘salty’ is about connecting with nature and each other to address the challenges facing our region and globe, inspiring a movement of proactive change towards a sustainable future.  Join us for inspiring, positive and in-depth conversations as we explore how to transform Wollongong industry, community and lifestyles. So come on, Let’s Get Salty!

  • Brad Chilby Landscape Photographer
    Season 1- Episode 1

    Brad Chilby Landscape Photographer

    Exploring photography, local history and immersion in nature with local historian, nature explorer and award-winning Australian Landscape photographer Brad Chilby.

  • Andy Evans Oceanex Energy
    Season 1- Episode 2

    Andy Evans Oceanex Energy

    Big thinker, innovator and leader in electrification, we discuss a distinctly local approach to solving global problems with Co-Founder and CEO of Oceanex Energy.

  • Blend ESQ Mission & Purpose
    Season 1- Episode 3

    Blend ESQ Mission & Purpose

    Talking mission, purpose and personal transformations with the Blend ESQ team, Director Robyn Johnson and Operations Manager Catherine Wade.

  • Ty Christopher, Electricity Grid
    Season 1- Episode 4

    Ty Christopher, Electricity Grid

    With 35 years inside the electricity supply industry, we discuss the social importance of community batteries and how to save Australian's $1.1B by lowering the voltage in the grid.

  • Zahra Shahbazian, UOW
    Season 1- Episode 5

    Zahra Shahbazian, UOW

    Zahra Shahbazian harnesses her engineering and advanced manufacturing expertise to create partnerships between UOW and business to solve problems, create efficiencies, and translate research into commercial reality.


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Season 1 Platinum Sponsor

Season 1 Platinum Sponsor

Season 1 Salty Conversations are possible thanks to SOTO Engineering our Platinum Podcast Season Sponsor. Changing the game, one industry at a time.


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Podcast Guests

Want to get ‘Salty’ with us? We’re always interested in hearing from industry leaders, innovators and community members to discuss ideas and action.


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