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Episode 2

Andy Evans

Season 1- Episode 2

Global Innovation with Andy Evans.

Andy Evans, Co-Founder of Oceanex Energy reveals why Wollongong has the right mindset for leading the way for sustainable offshore wind energy production in Australia.


Together with Peter Sgardelis and a team of passionate individuals and investors, Andy has been responsible for kicking off the offshore wind energy industry in Australia. An inspiring leader and entrepreneur, Andy brings fresh eyes to solve social, economic, and environmental problems and we discuss why Wollongong is an integral part of the sustainable industry solution.

I'm very focused on new innovative ideas, but certainly those that have social justice or a means of creating benefit and impact for people are probably the key draw for me. Andy Evans, CEO, Oceanex Energy

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Platinum & Gold Sponsor

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“Our conversations are all about getting to the heart of why our region is so special, what we can to do transform it and how we can enjoy a balanced and sustainable life in a way that is beneficial for us, nature, industry and future generations. We are custodians of our region, and can make a huge difference by evolving practices and behaviours at home and work, to have a huge impact on the future of our environment, industry and community.”

– Robyn Johnson, Director, Blend ESQ & Wollongong, Let’s Get Salty Podcast Host
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