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  • Business insights- risk intelligence for business growth, Blend ESQ Consulting

    The Role of Risk in Business Growth

    Sharing of the specific types of risks faced by the business and the progressive up skilling of risk intelligence within the workforce can shift the business towards a shared responsibility for risk m...

  • Blend ESQ Consulting, OH&S, Safety requirements, Silica Dust

    Safety First: Silica Dust

    Each year in Australia, the number of cases attributed to past exposure to respirable crystalline silica continues to increase. To try to reduce the number of people impacted by silica dust diseases, ...

  • Steel Away to the Future of Industry

    How long will metallurgical coal remain the core driver of steel manufacturing? What is metallurgical coal, and why is it so important to industry? We explore the future of metallurgical coal and stee...

  • Co located Wind and Solar Farms, Blend ESQ Consulting

    The Winds of Change

    The winds of change have been blowing through Australia generating interest and investment in renewables at state level. Encouraged by state government leadership, consumer sentiment and an industry d...

  • Advanced Manufacturing Factory in Action

    Wollongong Leads Advanced Manufacturing Push

    In Australia the Covid-19 era has shone a spotlight on the challenges and opportunities for manufacturing onshore. It has also been a stark reminder that we are yet again at a turning point as a natio...

  • The COVID-19 Journey – A Rapid Pace of Change

    The rapid pace of change makes staying on top of COVID-19 requirements a full-time job. Blend ESQ provides some tips on doing this efficiently, communicating clearly, and keeping your workforce health...

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