The Challenge

DA for Significant Heritage Site

With its unique history dating back to 1887, the restored Bulli Railway Guest House is now the jewel in the Resin Brewery and Brewpub operations, enhancing the street and neighbourhood while preserving an important piece of Illawarra history.


The challenge for construction was balancing environmental, community and heritage preservation principles required as part of Wollongong Council’s development consent conditions.


Construction risks were assessed, and mitigation measures outlined in a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), in order to secure a construction certificate.

Craft Brewery Australia, Resin Brewery, Bulli, NSW
Old Bulli Railway Guest House pre-renovation
The Process

Identifying Safeguards

Blend ESQ reviewed available information identified in the Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) and Councils’ determination.


A site inspection was carried out with Eastbourne Builders to review the proposed construction process, identify issues and to work through soil and water management measures for the site.


Further clarification was sought regarding management of the construction adjacent to a railway yard.

The Results

Minimising Environmental Impacts

With Council giving the green light on project documentation including the CEMP, construction commenced.


One of the first steps in restoration of the historic guest house, was the safe removal of lead paint identified by Property Risk Australia.


Soil excavation in the rear yard for the brew tanks were managed for potential acid sulphate soils.


The lowering of seven fermenting tanks through the roof of the Borst & Co architecturally designed addition was a project milestone in August 2019, capturing local media attention.

Fermenting Taks, Resin Brewery and Brew Pub, Bulli
Courtyard, Resin Brewery and Brew Pub, Bulli
The Outcome

Helping Others Achieve

Construction was completed successfully, with no environmental impacts. Resin Brewing opened its doors in late February 2020. The former guest house was elegantly restored and enhanced by its contemporary additions.

The Full Story

Want To Know More?

Looks enticing doesn’t it. If you want to know more about the Resin Brewery Restoration Project, completed in February 2020, you can visit the Resin Brewery Website to read the full story. Or why not visit to experience the restoration (and delicious fare) yourself?


Resin Brewery

8 Station Street, Bulli, NSW

Ph: 02 4284 1210

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Construction Impacts
Environmental Management
Local Approval

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