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Fast-Track Your Success

Environmental Sustainability

Blend ESQ works with manufacturers across Australia bringing sustainable products and decarbonisation technology to the building and infrastructure sector.


Fast-track your environmental certification, or environmental sustainability plan, using one high-powered consultant with over 20 years of operational experience in environment, health and safety, and quality management.


Working with Blend ESQ you are supporting climate action and social change through the production of the ‘Wollongong, Let’s Get Salty’ sustainability podcast.

Certification Readiness

Let’s get your sustainable product to market sooner by fast-tracking your readiness for environmental product or system certifications.

Sustainability Plan

Process map with an expert to identify opportunities to improve your environmental performance and share this with your stakeholders more rapidly.


One high-powered ESQ resource to assist you to implement the physical or documented improvements needed for environmental improvements.

Social Change

Contribute to social change – share your story of innovation in the sustainable building and infrastructure sector, so we all learn from your business journey.

The Mission

Building Momentum for Change

“Blend ESQ is energising the building and infrastructure sector to up their sustainability game and is passionate about scaling improvements for the betterment of industry, while positively influencing business success, the community, and the environment as a whole.


The ‘Wollongong, Let’s Get Salty’ podcast advocates for the social change needed to forge a more environmentally and socially responsible path forward, together. Positive stories are shared to connect the community, ease eco-anxiety, and showcase initiatives rapidly accelerating Wollongong toward a sustainable city.”

– Robyn Johnson, Director, Blend ESQ

Stay up-to-date with decarbonisation news from Australia’s building and infrastructure sector and gain insights into how Wollongong, NSW is rapidly accelerating toward a sustainable city.

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